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CFEngine layer

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1 Description

This layer makes working with CFEngine policy easier:

  • Syntax highlighting
  • On the fly syntax checks (via syntax-checking layer)
  • Auto completion (via auto-completion layer)

2 Install

Add cfengine to the dotspacemacs-configuration-layers in your ~/.spacemacs to use this layer.

3 Configuration

3.1 Set file permission on save

Here is a function to set permissions to 600 on save, this can help avoid errors like:

File ./ (owner 1000) is writable by others (security exception)

(defun cfengine-permissions-policy-owner-only ()
  "If file starts with a shebang, make `buffer-file-name' executable"
    (set-file-modes buffer-file-name #o600)
    (message (concat "Made " buffer-file-name " accessibly only by the owner (600)."))))

(add-hook 'after-save-hook 'cfengine-permissions-policy-owner-only nil 'make-it-local)

3.2 Indendation

If you like attributes to be intended from the promiser set Indentation amount from anchor to 2. For example:

bundle agent main

        string => "value",
        comment => "Indented 2 spaces from promiser";

4 Key bindings

Key Binding Description
<SPC> m j Reformats JSON string

Author: Sylvain Benner

Created: 2016-10-03 Mon 00:55