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plantuml layer

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1 Description

This layer enables support for puml-mode, which provides a major-mode for plantuml. PlantUML is a tool to generate UML diagrams from plain-text.

For help with how to use plantuml, see the plantuml website and the reference guide.

The official file extension supported by this layer is .pum. If you want something else, set it in your user-config function of your ~/.spacemacs file.

For example, the following diagram can be defined as follows:

JAremko->robbyoconnor : I think the docs can benefit from some kind of illustration
JAremko<-robbyoconnor : I'm too lazy -- I have actual work to do. I link to the docs. If you can write me a diagram in plantuml, I'll gladly compile and add it.
JAremko->robbyoconnor : *gives ths diagram*
robbyoconnor<-JAremko : *robbyoconnor adds it and JAremko is happy*
robbyoconnor->theOtherPerson : And they thinks it's funny? Yup, they definitely finds it funny. Right?


2 Install

To use this contribution add it to your ~/.spacemacs

(setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers '(plantuml))

3 Org-Babel Integration

To enable the execution of embedded plantuml code blocks within Org-Mode documents, define a value for org-plantuml-jar-path in your ~/.spacemacs.

4 Key bindings

Key Binding Description
SPC m c c or C-c C-c Build diagram from the text in the current buffer
SPC m c o Set the output type (unicode text, svg, or png)

Author: Sylvain Benner

Created: 2016-10-03 Mon 00:55