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Markdown layer

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1 Description

This layer adds markdown support to Spacemacs.

1.1 Features

  • markdown files support via markdown-mode
  • Fast Github-flavored live preview via vmd-mode
  • TOC generation via markdown-toc
  • Completion of Emojis using company-emoji (still needs a way of showing, either using the emoji layer or having a proper font) :clap:

1.2 BibTeX

For more extensive support of references with BibTeX files, have a look at the BibTeX layer.

2 Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add markdown to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

3 Configuration

3.1 Live preview

By default the built-in Emacs web browser is used to live preview a markdown buffer.

To use vmd (Github-flavored live preview) instead set the value of the variable markdown-live-preview-engine to vmd:

dotspacemacs-configuration-layers '(
  (markdown :variables markdown-live-preview-engine 'vmd))

And install the executable with:

npm install -g vmd

4 Usage

4.1 Generate a TOC

To generate a table of contents type on top of the buffer: SPC SPC markdown-toc-generate-toc RET

5 Key bindings

5.1 Element insertion

Key Binding Description
SPC m - insert horizontal line
SPC m h i insert header dwim
SPC m h I insert header setext dwim
SPC m h 1 insert header atx 1
SPC m h 2 insert header atx 2
SPC m h 3 insert header atx 3
SPC m h 4 insert header atx 4
SPC m h 5 insert header atx 5
SPC m h 6 insert header atx 6
SPC m h ! insert header setext 1
SPC m h @ insert header setext 2
SPC m i l insert link
SPC m i L insert reference link dwim
SPC m i u insert uri
SPC m i f insert footnote
SPC m i w insert wiki link
SPC m i i insert image
SPC m i I insert reference image
SPC m x b make region bold or insert bold
SPC m x i make region italic or insert italic
SPC m x c make region code or insert code
SPC m x C make region code or insert code (Github Flavored Markdown format)
SPC m x q make region blockquote or insert blockquote
SPC m x Q blockquote region
SPC m x p make region or insert pre
SPC m x P pre region

5.2 Element removal

Key Binding Description
SPC m k kill thing at point

5.3 Completion

Key Binding Description
SPC m ] complete

5.4 Following and Jumping

Key Binding Description
SPC m o follow thing at point
SPC m j jump

5.5 Indentation

Key Binding Description
SPC m \> indent region
SPC m \< exdent region

5.6 Header navigation

Key Binding Description
gj outline forward same level
gk outline backward same level
gh outline up one level
gl outline next visible heading

5.7 Buffer-wide commands

Key Binding Description
SPC m c ] complete buffer
SPC m c m other window
SPC m c p preview
SPC m c P live preview using engine defined with layer variable markdown-live-preview-engine
SPC m c e export
SPC m c v export and preview
SPC m c o open
SPC m c w kill ring save
SPC m c c check refs
SPC m c n cleanup list numbers
SPC m c r render buffer

5.8 List editing

Key Binding Description
SPC m l i insert list item

5.9 Movement

Key Binding Description
SPC m { backward paragraph
SPC m } forward paragraph
SPC m N next link
SPC m P previous link

5.10 Promotion, Demotion

Key Binding Description
M-k markdown-move-up
M-j markdown-move-down
M-h markdown-promote
M-l markdown-demote

Author: Sylvain Benner

Created: 2016-10-03 Mon 00:55