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IPython Notebook layer

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1 Description

This layer adds support for the package emacs-ipython-notebook.

Do not hesitate to check the original package README here. Also the wiki has lots of informative stuff.

2 Features

  • Keybindings available through transient-state or leader key
  • Lazy-loading

3 List of TODOS

This is a WIP, feel free to collaborate.

3.1 TODO Maybe it'd be better if there was a state for this

3.2 TODO Make more keybinding to connect to a python buffer

3.3 TODO Deleting visual regions don't work, find out why

4 Install

4.1 Layer

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add ipython-notebook to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

4.2 Dependencies

Install IPython Notebook > 3

pip install ipython[notebook]

4.3 What needs to be run

Have an IPython notebook running

ipython notebook

5 Using the IPython notebook

5.1 Open Notebook List

This layer is lazy loaded so the transient-state will only work after you summon the command ein:notebooklist-open which is bound to SPC a i n

5.2 Key Bindings

The key bindings can be used through a transient state or the usual evil-leader.

5.2.1 Transient-state: ipython-notebook

Once you are in the ipython notebook you can activate the transient-state with SPC m .

The following table lists the keys. Use them as listed in the transient-state or prefix with SPC m to use with your evil-leader.

Key Function
h ein:notebook-worksheet-open-prev-or-last
j ein:worksheet-goto-next-input
k ein:worksheet-goto-prev-input
l ein:notebook-worksheet-open-next-or-first
H ein:notebook-worksheet-move-prev
J ein:worksheet-move-cell-down
K ein:worksheet-move-cell-up
L ein:notebook-worksheet-move-next
t ein:worksheet-toggle-output
d ein:worksheet-kill-cell
R ein:worksheet-rename-sheet
y ein:worksheet-copy-cell
p ein:worksheet-yank-cell
i ein:worksheet-insert-cell-below
I ein:worksheet-insert-cell-above
u ein:worksheet-change-cell-type
RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell-and-goto-next
C-l ein:worksheet-clear-output
C-S-l ein:worksheet-clear-all-output
C-o ein:console-open
C-k ein:worksheet-merge-cell
C-j spacemacs/ein:worksheet-merge-cell-next
C-s ein:notebook-save-notebook-command
C-r ein:notebook-rename-command
1 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-1th
2 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-2th
3 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-3th
4 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-4th
5 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-5th
6 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-6th
7 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-7th
8 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-8th
9 ein:notebook-worksheet-open-last
+ ein:notebook-worksheet-insert-next
- ein:notebook-worksheet-delete
x ein:notebook-close

5.2.2 Normal mode

In normal mode the following key bindings are defined:

Key Function
gj ein:worksheet-goto-next-input
gk ein:worksheet-goto-prev-input
C-RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell
S-RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell-and-goto-next

Also SPC f s saves the notebook like you would a regular buffer.

5.2.3 Insert mode

In normal mode the following key bindings are defined:

Key Function
C-RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell
S-RET ein:worksheet-execute-cell-and-goto-next

5.2.4 Traceback mode

In traceback mode the following key bindings are defined:

key Function
RET ein:tb-jump-to-source-at-point-command
n ein:tb-next-item
p ein:tb-prev-item
q bury-buffer

6 Screenshots

6.1 Light


6.2 Dark


7 Bonus

If you want to have a matplotlibrc that looks good with a dark background try using this matplotlibrc. Plot background is always transparent by default so it will look okay for most dark themes out there.

Author: Sylvain Benner

Created: 2016-10-03 Mon 00:56