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Ruby layer

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1 Description

This layer provides support for the Ruby language with the following feature:

  • version manager (rbenv, rvm or chruby)
  • integration with bundler
  • test runner (ruby-test and rspec)
  • rake runner
  • linter (rubocop)
  • interactive REPL and code navigation (robe)

2 Install

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add ruby to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

This layer supports two different Ruby modes: Emacs' built-in Ruby Mode and enh-ruby-mode. By default the built-in Ruby mode is enabled. To switch to the enh-ruby-mode set ruby-enable-enh-ruby-mode to t:

(defun dotspacemacs-configuration-layers ()
   '((ruby :variables ruby-enable-enh-ruby-mode t)))

2.1 Prerequisites

Some of the advanced features supported by this layer depend on external gems that need to be installed in the context of your project (see below for guidance based on your version manager):

  • pry and pry-doc are required for jump to definition and code documentation (robe-mode)
  • ruby_parser is required for goto-stepdefinition in feature-mode
  • rubocop is required for rubocop integration

You can install the gems in the context of your current project by adding them to the Gemfile, e.g.:

gem 'pry'

or on the command line (please refer to your ruby version manager specific documentation for details and caveats):

gem install pry

2.2 Ruby version management

This layer supports RVM, Rbenv, and Chruby. You can choose the default version manager by setting the variable ruby-version-manager in your dotfile, for example:

(defun dotspacemacs-configuration-layers ()
   '((ruby :variables ruby-version-manager 'rvm)))

When a version manager is enabled it will use the currently activated ruby except if a .ruby-version file exists in which case the ruby version of this file is used. rvm will also try to look for a .rvmrc and gemfile, the priority order is .rvmrc then .ruby-version then gemfile.

Note: Only one version manager at a time can be enabled.

2.3 Test runner

This layer supports both RSpec and ruby-test test runners (frameworks). By default ruby-test is used, to change to another frameworks set the layer variable ruby-test-runner.

Example to set the test runner to RSpec:

(defun dotspacemacs-configuration-layers ()
   '((ruby :variables ruby-test-runner 'rspec)))

Tip: You can enable different test runners for different projects by using directory local variables.

3 Key bindings

3.1 Ruby (enh-ruby-mode, robe, inf-ruby, ruby-tools)

Key binding Description
SPC m '​ toggle quotes of current string (only built-in mode)
SPC m { toggle style of current block (only built-in mode)
SPC m g g go to definition (robe-jump)
SPC m h d go to Documentation
SPC m s f send function definition
SPC m s F send function definition and switch to REPL
SPC m s i start REPL
SPC m s r send region
SPC m s R send region and switch to REPL
SPC m s s switch to REPL
SPC m x '​ Change symbol or " string to '
SPC m x "​ Change symbol or ' string to "
SPC m x : Change string to symbol
% evil-matchit jumps between blocks

3.2 Bundler

Key binding Description
SPC b c run bundle check
SPC b i run bundle install
SPC b s run bundle console
SPC b u run bundle update
SPC b x run bundle exec
SPC b o run bundle open

3.3 RuboCop

Key binding Description
SPC m r r f Runs RuboCop on the currently visited file
SPC m r r F Runs auto-correct on the currently visited file
SPC m r r d Prompts from a directory on which to run RuboCop
SPC m r r D Prompts for a directory on which to run auto-correct
SPC m r r p Runs RuboCop on the entire project
SPC m r r P Runs auto-correct on the project

3.4 Tests

3.4.1 RSpec-mode

When ruby-test-runner equals rspec.

Key binding Description
SPC m t a run all specs
SPC m t b run current spec file
SPC m t c run the current spec file and subsequent ones
SPC m t d run tests in a directory
SPC m t e mark example as pending
SPC m t f run method
SPC m t l run last failed spec
SPC m t m run specs related to the current buffer
SPC m t r re-run last spec
SPC m t t run spec at pointer
SPC m t TAB toggle between spec's and target's buffer
SPC m t ~ toggle between spec's and target's buffer find example

3.4.2 Ruby-test-mode

When ruby-test-runner equals ruby-test.

Key binding Description
SPC m t b run test file
SPC m t t run test at pointer

3.5 Rake

Key binding Description
SPC m k k Runs rake
SPC m k r Re-runs the last rake task
SPC m k R Regenerates the rake cache
SPC m k f Finds definition of a rake task

Author: Sylvain Benner

Created: 2016-10-03 Mon 00:55