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1 Description

This layer enables org mode for Spacemacs.

1.1 Features:

1.2 BibTeX

For more extensive support of references through BibTeX files, have a look at the BibTeX layer.

1.3 Important Note

Since version 0.104, spacemacs uses the org version from the org ELPA repository instead of the one shipped with emacs. Then, any org related code should not be loaded before dotspacemacs/user-config, otherwise both versions will be loaded and will conflict.

Because of autoloading, calling to org functions will trigger the loading up of the org shipped with emacs which will induce conflicts. One way to avoid conflict is to wrap your org config code in a with-eval-after-load block like this:

(with-eval-after-load 'org
  ;; here goes your Org config :)
  ;; ....

2 Install

2.1 Layer

To use this configuration layer, add it to your ~/.spacemacs. You will need to add org to the existing dotspacemacs-configuration-layers list in this file.

2.2 Github support

To install Github related extensions like ox-gfm to export to Github flavored markdown set the variable org-enable-github-support to t.

(setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers '(
  (org :variables org-enable-github-support t)))

2.3 Gnuplot support

Org-mode support the plotting of data within tables through Gnuplot as demonstrated here; unfortunately, this is not terribly well supported on Windows at this stage. It is possible to disable the configuration of gnuplot support as usual by adding the package gnuplot to your dotspacemacs-excluded-packages variable.

2.4 Reveal.js support

To enable the export of your org file as a reveal.js presentation, set the variable org-enable-reveal-js-support to t. This will install the org-reveal extension.

(setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers
 '((org :variables org-enable-reveal-js-support t)))

In order to be able to use org-reveal, download reveal.js from its homepage and set org-reveal-js to the download path, as described in the manual. Alternatively, add the following line to each .org file you want to process:


2.5 Different bullets

You can tweak the bullets displayed in the org buffer in the function dotspacemacs/user-config of your dotfile by setting the variable org-bullets-bullet-list. By default the list is set to ("◉" "○" "✸" "✿").

(setq org-bullets-bullet-list '("■" "◆" "▲" "▶"))

2.6 Project support

Set the layer variable org-projectile-file to the filename where you want to store project-specific TODOs. If this is an absolute path, all todos will be stored in the same file (organized by project), whereas if it is just a single filename, todos will be stored in each project root.

(setq-default dotspacemacs-configuration-layers
  '((org :variables org-projectile-file "")))

The TODO files are not added to the agenda automatically. You can do this with the following snippet. Note that this may have unintended consequences until this bug is fixed.

(with-eval-after-load 'org-agenda
  (require 'org-projectile)
  (push (org-projectile:todo-files) org-agenda-files))

3 Key bindings

3.1 Org

Key Binding Description
SPC a o # org agenda list stuck projects
SPC a o / org occur in agenda files
SPC a o a org agenda list
SPC a o c org capture
SPC a o e org store agenda views
SPC a o l org store link
SPC a o m org tags view
SPC a o o org agenda
SPC a o O org clock out
SPC a o s org search view
SPC a o t org todo list
SPC C c org-capture

3.2 Org with evil-org-mode

Key Binding Description
SPC m <dotspacemacs-major-mode-leader-key> org-ctrl-c-ctrl-c
SPC m * org-ctrl-c-star
SPC m RET org-ctrl-c-ret
SPC m - org-ctrl-c-minus
SPC m '​ org-edit-special
SPC m ^ org-sort
SPC m / org-sparse-tree
SPC m . org-time-stamp
SPC m ! org-time-stamp-inactive
SPC m a org-agenda
SPC m b org-tree-to-indirect-buffer
SPC m A org-archive-subtree
SPC m c org-capture
SPC m C evil-org-recompute-clocks
SPC m d org-deadline
SPC m D org-insert-drawer
SPC m e org-export-dispatch
SPC m f org-set-effort
SPC m I org-clock-in
SPC m l org-open-at-point
SPC m n org-narrow-to-subtree
SPC m N widen
SPC m O org-clock-out
SPC m P org-set-property
SPC m q org-clock-cancel
SPC m R org-refile
SPC m s org-schedule
SPC m T org-show-todo-tree
SPC m L org-shiftright
SPC m H org-shiftleft
SPC m K org-shiftup
SPC m J org-shiftdown
SPC m C-S-l org-shiftcontrolright
SPC m C-S-h org-shiftcontrolleft
SPC m C-S-j org-shiftcontroldown
SPC m C-S-k org-shiftcontrolup
SPC s j spacemacs/jump-in-buffer (jump to a heading)

3.2.1 Tables

Key Binding Description
SPC m t a Align the table at point by aligning all vertical bars
SPC m t b Blank the current table field or active region
SPC m t c Convert from org-mode table to table.el and back
SPC m t d c Delete a column from the table
SPC m t d r Delete the current row or horizontal line from the table
SPC m t e Replace the table field value at the cursor by the result of a calculation
SPC m t E Export table to a file, with configurable format
SPC m t h Go to the previous field in the table
SPC m t H Move column to the left
SPC m t i c Insert a new column into the table
SPC m t i h Insert a horizontal-line below the current line into the table
SPC m t i H Insert a hline and move to the row below that line
SPC m t i r Insert a new row above the current line into the table
SPC m t I Import a file as a table
SPC m t j Go to the next row (same column) in the current table
SPC m t J Move table row down
SPC m t K Move table row up
SPC m t l Go to the next field in the current table, creating new lines as needed
SPC m t L Move column to the right
SPC m t n Query for a size and insert a table skeleton
SPC m t N Use the table.el package to insert a new table
SPC m t p Plot the table using org-plot/gnuplot
SPC m t r Recalculate the current table line by applying all stored formulas
SPC m t s Sort table lines according to the column at point
SPC m t t f Toggle the formula debugger in tables
SPC m t t o Toggle the display of Row/Column numbers in tables
SPC m t w Wrap several fields in a column like a paragraph

3.2.2 Tree

Key Binding Description
SPC m S l org-demote-subtree
SPC m S h org-promote-subtree
SPC m S k org-move-subtree-up
SPC m S j org-move-subtree-down
Key Binding Description
TAB org-cycle
$ org-end-of-line
^ org-beginning-of-line
< org-metaleft
> org-metaright
gh outline-up-heading
gj org-forward-heading-same-level
gk org-backward-heading-same-level
gl outline-next-visible-heading
t org-todo
T org-insert-todo-heading nil
H org-beginning-of-line
L org-end-of-line
o always-insert-item
O org-open-above
Key Binding Description
M-l org-metaright
M-h org-metaleft
M-k org-metaup
M-j org-metadown
M-L org-shiftmetaright
M-H org-shiftmetaleft
M-K org-shiftmetaup
M-J org-shiftmetadown
M-o org-insert-heading+org-metaright
M-t org-insert-todo-heading nil+ org-metaright

3.2.3 Element insertion

Key Binding Description
SPC m h i org-insert-heading-after-current
SPC m h I org-insert-heading
SPC m h s org-insert-subheading
SPC m i f org-insert-footnote
SPC m i l org-insert-link

3.2.5 Emphasis

Key Binding Description
SPC m x b make region bold
SPC m x c make region code
SPC m x i make region italic
SPC m x r clear region emphasis
SPC m x s make region strike-through
SPC m x u make region underline
SPC m x v make region verbose

3.2.6 Tagging

Key Binding Description
SPC m : org-set-tags
Key Binding Description
M-l One day forward
M-h One day backward
M-j One week forward
M-k One week backward
M-L One month forward
M-H One month backward
M-J One year forward
M-K One year backward

3.3 Capture buffers and src blocks

org-capture-mode and org-src-mode both support the confirm and abort conventions.

Key Binding Description
SPC m <dotspacemacs-major-mode-leader-key> confirm in org-capture-mode
SPC m '​ confirm in org-src-mode
SPC m c confirm
SPC m a abort
SPC m k abort
SPC m r org-capture-refile in org-capture-mode

3.4 Org agenda

3.4.1 Keybindings

The evilified org agenda supports the following bindings:

Key Binding Description
M-SPC or s-M-SPC org-agenda transient state
SPC m : org-agenda-set-tags
SPC m a org-agenda
SPC m d org-agenda-deadline
SPC m f org-agenda-set-effort
SPC m I org-agenda-clock-in
SPC m O org-agenda-clock-out
SPC m p org-pomodoro (if package is used)
SPC m P org-agenda-set-property
SPC m q org-agenda-refile
SPC m Q org-agenda-clock-cancel
SPC m s org-agenda-schedule
M-j next item
M-k previous item
M-h earlier view
M-l later view
gr refresh
gd toggle grid
C-v change view
RET org-agenda-goto
M-RET org-agenda-show-and-scroll-up

3.4.2 Org agenda transient state

Use M-SPC or s-M-SPC in an org agenda buffer to activate its transient state. The transient state aims to list the most useful org agenda commands and visually organize them by category. The commands associated with each binding are listed bellow.

Keybinding Description Command
ht set status org-agenda-todo
hk kill org-agenda-kill
hr refile org-agenda-refile
hA archive org-agenda-archive-default
hT set tags org-agenda-set-tags
hp set priority org-agenda-priority
Visit entry    
SPC in other window org-agenda-show-and-scroll-up
TAB & go to location org-agenda-goto
RET & del other windows org-agenda-switch-to
o link link-hint-open-link
ft by tag org-agenda-filter-by-tag
fr refine by tag org-agenda-filter-by-tag-refine
fc by category org-agenda-filter-by-category
fh by top headline org-agenda-filter-by-top-headline
fx by regexp org-agenda-filter-by-regexp
fd delete all filters org-agenda-filter-remove-all
ds schedule org-agenda-schedule
dd set deadline org-agenda-deadline
dt timestamp org-agenda-date-prompt
+ do later org-agenda-do-date-later
- do earlier org-agenda-do-date-earlier
tf follow org-agenda-follow-mode
tl log org-agenda-log-mode
ta archive org-agenda-archives-mode
tr clock report org-agenda-clockreport-mode
td diaries org-agenda-toggle-diary
vd day org-agenda-day-view
vw week org-agenda-week-view
vt fortnight org-agenda-fortnight-view
vm month org-agenda-month-view
vy year org-agenda-year-view
vn next span org-agenda-later
vp prev span org-agenda-earlier
vr reset org-agenda-reset-view
ci in org-agenda-clock-in
co out org-agenda-clock-out
ck cancel org-agenda-clock-cancel
cj jump org-agenda-clock-goto
gr reload org-agenda-redo
. go to today org-agenda-goto-today
gd go to date org-agenda-goto-date

3.5 Pomodoro

Key Binding Description
SPC m p starts a pomodoro

3.6 Presentation

org-present must be activated explicitly by typing: SPC SPC org-present

Key Binding Description
h previous slide
l next slide
q quit

3.7 Org-MIME

Key Binding Description
SPC m M in message-mode buffers convert into html email
SPC m m send current buffer as HTML email message

3.8 Org-download

Key Binding Description
SPC m i s Take screenshot
SPC m i y Yank image url

3.9 Org-projectile

Key Binding Description
SPC a o p Capture a TODO for the current project
SPC u SPC a o p Capture a TODO for any given project (choose from list)
SPC p o Go to the TODOs for the current project

Author: Sylvain Benner

Created: 2016-10-03 Mon 00:56